Felves by Lee Broom


“I’m perfectly happy with my perfect self”

Said the perfectly happy, perfect elf

“Except for only one thing.

I never learned how to sing.”


“Sing?” Trilled the fairy with a voice so clear

“I will give you a voice we’ll all love to hear”

She waved her wand; it went “bling”

“Now let your new voice ring.”


Elf opened wide and tried  his new sound

The loveliest voice so mellow, so round

Except for only one thing

He no longer wanted to sing .


“I was perfectly happy with my perfect self”

Said the formerly happy, perfect elf

“Except for only one thing

I didn’t know how to sing.”


“Now that I’m perfect there is nothing to change

There’s nothing at all  left to rearrange

If only I had some wings”

Fairy waved her wand; it went “bling”.


If you’re looking for a happy ending there is only Now. But let’s suppose that the elf is an ordinary elf much like you and I. Elf discovered that his new voice was  not new at all; he had been so enamored with his new persona that he failed to notice that his fairy friend now spoke with the husky voice which had once been his  and that Fairy no longer had wings. The swap was irreversible. They now must learn to accept themselves and each other or spend the rest of their days being miserable.

Elf decided that Fairy must have loved him a bushel and a peck as the old song goes and he gave her a hug around the neck as the old song continues.

“Will you marry me” he trilled.

“Yes I will, yes I will”, she croaked.

So they were married by an elfin priest in the Magical Church of Fairyland and promised to spend their lives together, loving and sharing and maybe even raising some little felves. I never did learn how it all turned out. Are they happy together? Are they together? Are they…..? if I hear anything I’ll let you know.


About L B Gettings aka Lee Broom

Author, publisher, playwright, entrepreneur, essayist, poet, lyricist, humorist, art critic and advocate for the preservation and proliferation of sobriety and clear thinking, objective reporting and fearlessness aided by respect for and Love of Life.
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